Cults & Identity Theft

Phenomena known as mind-control or brainwashing have been written about by psychologists, sociologists, and many other “ists.” Now it’s my turn. My name is Charlene, and I am a former cult-ist The mere fact I am a former cult follower makes some cult researchers consider my testimony as non-objective, which makes what I … [Read more…]

The Camouflage of Cults

Cults have not disappeared and nobody consciously joins one. A person “joins” a group that offers something they need or want, but sometimes the group turns out to be a camouflaged cult. Even groups that offer friendship, love, promises of healing, guarantees of self-improvement, or “the accuracy of God’s Word.” Let’s define … [Read more…]

Cults and Critical Thinking

On April 23, 2015, I had the honor to address a religion class studying “Extreme Religions” at Rollins College, my alma mater. I’ve made sharing my cult story a service to the college. Dr. Todd French, Professor of Religion, had invited me to speak about my 17-year commitment to the fundamentalist cult, The Way International™ that recruited … [Read more…]

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