Needlepoint and Memoir

What does needlepoint have to do with memoir?  I can tell you. My memoir (personal story) called Undertow is a manuscript, not a published book … YET. Currently a few reviewers (author friends) are reading it. You might know it by its long name, Undertow: Seventeen Years in a Fundamentalist Cult. The other … [Read more…]

Short story: The Sign

Are you familiar with Tampa, Florida? How about romantic breakups? Or synchronistic events? All of these end up in my story, “The Sign.” “The Sign,” based on a true story, was published this year in the October issue of The Florida Writer, the official magazine of The Florida Writers Association. The … [Read more…]

Gouda, The Netherlands: Say Cheese!

Round cheese, square cheese, soft cheese, and hard cheese. Golden wax layers protect and preserve it. Gobble it up with that excellent, chewy bread you find only in Europe (is it something in their water?) a bit of juicy nectarine, and a glass of wine. You’re good to go! Gouda the cheese Last May, … [Read more…]

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