The President of California

You didn’t know California had a president? It does. Ever since I read an article about a mammoth sequoia in California I had to see it—the tree’s name is The President. Its enormity, juxtaposed with its grace, attracted me. Its endurance drew me to it. The photo, accompanying the article in the … [Read more…]

Happy Holidays For All Seasons

‘Tis the season to be … jolly, merry, generous, truth-telling, extra loving, and whatever else makes for a better world. If that’s what it’s all about, I say, what’s good for this season is good for all seasons. Christmas in Germany A few years ago my husband, Hoyt, and I toured Germany in the spring, not during … [Read more…]

Empathy Builder

How is a hospital emergency room a metaphor for anything positive? Emergency rooms The rush to an emergency room: swift action, diagnosis, remedy, cures. Fragility is in the air like a china cup breakable if held too tight. Walk quietly, speak gently. An emotional emergency room—invisible until someone winces, cringes, shouts in … [Read more…]

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