Time Travel: Turkey 2011

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Turkey. Cook it. Eat it. Or visit it … the history-soaked land in the Near East, the crossroads of Europe and Asia, includes lands even farther east reached via the Silk Road. Our Turkey trip My husband and I traveled around Turkey in 2001 for one month. When we got home, I created the most complex … [Read more…]

Paris: We Mourn With You

It just happened that yesterday A Trail of Sorrow was published here at this website and sent to subscribers. It addressed stories and features of destructive cults, like valuing an ideology over human life. Last evening’s horrific events in Paris are beyond belief. This post is dedicated to the people of France, to the victims, their families … [Read more…]

Time Travel: Italy 2003

Really—Italy 2003? Twelve years ago? As my husband asks, “If time flies, where does it go?” He’s a philosopher. He has great ideas. I love this one: he suggested I write a post about nothing, you know, Seinfeld-style. We love Jerry Seinfeld. So this post, at least this one line, is for Hoyt. Nothing, … [Read more…]

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