Ireland: For the Love of Music

Ireland — jade green hills, fierce winds, and neighborhood pubs — is alive with the sound of Gaelic music and modern music, too. Last May my husband, Hoyt, and I visited all sorts of pubs to hear the tunes, tap our toes, and lift a pint, bar-hopping around Dublin, Galway, Doolin, Dingle, … [Read more…]

Flowers for 9/11

On today’s anniversary of 9/11, this is my tribute to the victims, their families and friends, the citizens of the USA and every nation around the world where people value peace, understanding, and human dignity. As a gesture of spreading beauty today, I offer these photos of flowers I’ve seen around … [Read more…]

Gouda, The Netherlands: Say Cheese!

Round cheese, square cheese, soft cheese, and hard cheese. Golden wax layers protect and preserve it. Gobble it up with that excellent, chewy bread you find only in Europe (is it something in their water?) a bit of juicy nectarine, and a glass of wine. You’re good to go! Gouda the cheese Last May, … [Read more…]

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